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Warm Season Grasses

Under adequate moisture, warm season grasses provide exponential rapid growth at temperatures above 25°C. We do not recommend blending warm season grasses with other annual forages as they tend to have very low competitiveness during the early part of their life cycle and for this reason - are often eliminated early in a mixed stand.

Warm season annual grasses can produce abundant mid to late season forage and should be considered an important addition to your forage system management.

Sorghum Forage Hybrids as well as Sorghum Sudan crosses can produce significant dry matter production relative to corn under limited moisture.

512/605 Late BMR Hybrid Pearl Millet

BMR (Brown Mid Rib) varieties are designed to have improved digestibility. Hybrid Pearl Millet is an advanced choice for producers looking for a warm season option for hay or pasture.

400/38 Medium BMR Sorghum x SudanGrass Hybrid

Performance in fields has shown from 75 to 100% greater daily weight gains over conventional Sorghum x Sudangrass hybrids. Its high level of palatability allows the hybrid to fit well into cell-grazing systems. This hybrid has a demonstrated ability to increase both meat and milk production dramatically, therefore producing greater profits per acre of pasture.

409/40 Hybrid Sorghum x Sudan Grass

Late maturing Sorghum x Sudangrass. Superior drought resistance in a multipurpose forage. High protein and digestibility when compared to other conventional Sorghum x Sudangrass hybrids. High green leaf retention.

400/36 Late Maturing BMR Male Sterile Sorghum Hybrid

This hybrid is partially sterile, therefore not producing a significant amount of grain. This causes a substantial buildup of non-structural carbohydrates in the stem and leaves. This forage retains its large, dark green leaves throughout the growing season.

323/45 Med Maturity Conventional Silage Variety

Tall plant with strong stalk for good standability. Wide leaves produce a dark, dense canopy, for superior weed suppression and moisture conservation. This is a dual-purpose hybrid that grows 6 to 7 feet tall. It produces a large panicle of red grain supported by a strong stalk. The plant is very leafy and seedling vigor is excellent. This hybrid reaches soft dough stage in approximately 110 days.


Non-GMO Hybrids

With exceptional agronomy for silage and grazing and a wide range of maturity options, DeDell non-GMO hybrids provide quality conventional corn seed at a Fair Price.

Hybrids - Early Segment

777 – 2100 PFS Exclusive

Short 6.5 to 7 foot
Grain Corn
Super Early

800 – 2175 PFS Exclusive

Better root system
More drought tolerance
Focus for grazing (key early hybrids)

Yield Segment

1111 – 2350 PFS Exclusive

Dual purpose
Big Leaf
High Yield
Elite - top selection

DL1197 - 2375 PFS Exclusive

Dual Purpose
Strong Consistent Yield Good Early Season Vigor
Good Stay Green

DL2202 – 2450 PFS Exclusive

Dual Purpose
Good Stay Green
Good Yield and Standability
Very Showy
Best Root System in Class

Delicious Too – 2450PFS Exclusive

Early Flowering
White Cob
High forage quality
Ultra High Yield – King
Plant at 27500 – as it is a big plant Silage Focus
Pair with 2202

DL1445 – 2500 PFS Exclusive

Dual Purpose
Nice Grain
Med Tall
Great Stay Green like 1197
Great Pair with 1197 or 2202

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