Performance Seed has the top performing products and the Seed professionals who understand how to maximize forage production. Precision Agriculture is a term to describe the practice of collecting agricultural information with spatial accuracy from a range of devices to enable the site specific management decisions for food production. Our team has access to the tools and technology to go beyond the traditional methods of assessing forage crops to enable a better understanding of the interactions between forage species and the field attributes.

Historic Imagery is accessible with the Legal Land Descriptions or GPS coordinates. Looking back at previous crop rotations, field variability and vegetation levels can provide a better understanding of the field features. In-Season Vegetation-NIR Satellite Imagery shows aspects of the chlorophyll in the vegetation which the human eye can't measure. Crops have different spectral signatures identified by the different colors in this NIR Near-Infra-Red image. The amount of vegetation is measured by remote sensing and the thicker and lush vegetation is indicated as darker red color with NIR.

Consult your local Performance Seed forage leader on how we might help you to understand how to get the most from your forage and pasture acres using Precision Agriculture.

POLLINATORS (Environmental Stewardship)

Bees are one of the most important groups of natural insect pollinators. How we manage our pollinators will in large part contribute to our agricultural success in the 21st Century (UN Undersecretary General). Unfortunately, the native bee populations across Canada are showing a sign of serious decline due to a number of factors including environmental pollution, poor bee nutrition, ecological stresses and diseases.

At Performance Seed, we feel that it is absolutely important to conserve the populations of native bees and other vulnerable insect pollinators to secure the future of our agriculture and fragile ecosystems. Creating suitable bee habitats or bee sanctuaries is an important step towards successful bee conservation. By using our pollinator seed mixes of annual and/or perennial forages together with early, mid and late flowering native/wild flower plants we can help a number of native bee species and other insect pollinator for nectar foraging and sustaining their hives and life cycles across different seasons.

As a true Industry Leader, we have developed a series of annual and perennial pollinator grazing mixes that can serve to attract a wide diversity of insect pollinator species including native bees.

Consider planting one of our pollinator mixes in areas on your farm that will create a pollinator sanctuary for our agri-friendly native bees and other insect pollinators.

Please contact Saikat Basu – the Research Lead at Performance Seed to learn more.
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