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Perennial Legumes

Non-bloat and specialty use legumes are the most under utilized resources in long-term sustainable forage systems. We have years of experience using legume blends to enhance grass pasture seedings or renovate worn out stands. Legumes are critical to pasture feed quality, drought tolerance, and soil health.

Emarwan Red Clover – New for 2018

This variety was very impressive establishment and growth in our 2017 Performance Seed Demo Site. Red clover is very tolerant of imperfectly drained soils.

Aberlasting Clover – New for 2018 PFS Exclusive - demonstration volumes only

This hybrid cross between white and kura/caucasian provides the potential to add a highly nutritious legume to our grazing program that can add some N to our soils. Well adapted to the Parkland zone, the hybrid cross has potential to work as a living mulch in soil health strategies and for organic growers – producing N while the primary crop is provided with much needed ground cover/shade and weed smothering potential.

VMax Brand Sainfoin

Targeted for use as a bloat safener with alfalfa in grazing programs.

Cicer Milk Vetch

Well adapted to drier environments with up to 70% of the biomass capacity of alfalfa.

Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

Biennial forage legume valued for N-Fixation and enhancement of soil structure in organic systems as well as high forage yield. Use the variety Norgold as it was developed for lower coumarin levels under less than ideal harvest conditions.

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