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High Quality Grasses

There are over 10,000 recognized species of grass in the world. Only a few can provide the quality you require for a high performance forage system. If you need to manage for high quality haylage, pasture finished beef, or just want to get the most milk out of your beef cows your grasses must possess highly soluble sugars, have high digestibility, and possess enough crude protein. Helping you select the grasses that deliver high quality, persistence, and yield is a key focal point at Performance Seed.

Cowgirl Tall Fescue PFS Exclusive

One of the most versatile and under utilized forage grasses in our arsenal. Great for either pasture or hay production - arid or flooded zones as well as high salt levels, tall fescue is a key part of our forage program. Selected varieties of soft leaved tall fescue for high sugar and high forage digestibility is our focus. High Performance dairies have looked to high quality soft leaf tall fescue to improve heard health and overall animal performance.

HQL Orchard Grass PFS Exclusive

If grass could have an octane rating orchardgrass would be near the top of the heap. High quality, very fast regrowth and yield potential make orchard grass a key component in an intensive forage system. Orchardgrass is recognized as a medium lived species adapted to areas of higher moisture. We recommend that it should be grown in mixtures unless you are planning on a short lived, intensively managed stand. It is one of the easiest grass species to establish and makes a great successional grass in a blend with slower establishing, longer live grasses.

Pardus Meadow Fescue / SW Minto Meadow Fescue PFS Exclusive

Underutilized in many forage systems, meadow fescue is similar in most respects to tall fescue. It can often exhibit even higher levels of digestibility and flooding tolerance than tall fescue. A good compliment to mixtures containing tall fescue.

Spring Green Festulolium PFS Exclusive

Meadow Fescue cross with italian ryegrass, spring green has the nutritive, palatability, and digestive qualities of ryegrass, while maintaining the durability and drought resistance of meadow fescue. Festulolium has a place in both annual and perennial blends as it is quick to germinate and produces longer under higher summer temperatures.

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