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Export Timothy

For export or domestic hay or pasture, our timothy lineup is unbeatable.

Crest PFS Exclusive

Mid maturing timothy with maturity similar to Climax. Selected for excellent spring vigor and plant health. Significant forage yield advantage over checks.

Barpenta PFS Exclusive

Late maturing 1 cut variety for export or pet food quality.

Trygvee – New PFS Exclusive

Late maturing timothy for domestic pasture and export/pet food. Late maturity allows harvest management options.

Victorious - New PFS Exclusive

Very high yield potential, this is the most recent release for Export quality timothy. This early variety has exceptional Yield Potential combined with good stay green. New release from the developers of Derby.

Derby PFS Exclusive

Tried and true export variety with consistent yield and quality.

Ovation PFS Exclusive

This med-early variety is 5-7 days later than Victorious to help amortize harvest scheduling. It has excellent leafy regrowth and high yield tonnage.

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