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Annual Forage / Cover Crops

Exceptional forage quality with very strong late season dry matter yield - an important component of annual forage mixtures or as a fall crop under-seeded to silage or haylage.

Meroa Italian Rye Grass PFS Exclusive

very high quality “true” Italian rye grass with strong yield and exceptional quality

Annual Legumes

Purple Bounty Hairy VetchPFS Exclusive

High nitrogen fixation capacity, hairy vetch is an important part of annual mixtures however, it needs an adequate planting rate (very large seed size) and must be inoculated to benefit from legume value. Avoid using above 20% DM basis in forage mixtures and in late fall grazing as seed pods have reported anti nutritional/neurological factors.

Frosty Berseem Clover PFS Exclusive

Non-bloat, high quality annual legume has exceptional cold temperature tolerance when temperature dips below freezing and then normal growth continues.

Fixation Balansa Clover PFS Exclusive

Non-bloat, high quality annual legume has superior N-Fixing and soil regeneration capacity with its deep taproot.

** Order early to ensure OMRI organic product if required.

Kentucky Pride Crimson Clover PFS Exclusive

Very high yield potential combined with outstanding cold tolerance. The late maturity combined with increased forage yields make this an excellent choice. Excellent in pollinator mixes.


The Brassica family provide rampant growth potential along with very high energy levels. A little goes a long way with Forage Brassica - use as a small yet important part of annual forages. Use with caution to avoid N and S nutritional concerns.

Impact Forage Collards PFS Exclusive

Impact Forage Collards was selected for superior forage quality, high forage/biomass production, grazing and winter survival. It was selected to thrive under a broad range of environmental conditions. Once Impact's large tap root penetrates deep into the soil profile, it can still be productive during the hot, dry summers experienced in many areas. Impact can tolerate close grazing pressure due to the growing point being near the soil surface which also allows for fast regrowth after grazing. The versatility and economic benefits of Impact forage collards are unsurpassed, making it truly the king of premium brassicas.

Premiere Kale PFS Exclusive

Premier is a short, “stem-less”, leafy kale with a high leaf to stem ratio. It establishes rapidly with adequate soil moisture and temperature. Grazing can begin 80 to 150 days after seeding with mature plants tolerating temperatures down to 10°F. Premier can produce crude protein levels exceeding 17%

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