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Elite Alfalfa - Top Performing Products Designed to respond to great management and agronomy

Cronus Alfalfa NEW for 2018 PFS Exclusive - Yield Has a New Name! (registration pending)

Velvet II Alfalfa NEW for 2018 PFS Exclusive - An alfalfa that looks and tests good enough to eat!

Compass Alfalfa PFS Exclusive - North East West or South - this variety will thrive anywhere!

Tried and True Alfalfa – Day in and Day Out – Strong performance and great value

The Brands

919 Brand PFS Exclusive

The original alfalfa brand – the components were developed using the same strong formula as the original product.

919 CR Brand PFS Exclusive

Creeping rooted branded alfalfa

919 MF Brand PFS Exclusive

Multileaf branded alfalfa

919 S Brand PFS Exclusive

Branded alfalfa developed for use in saline environments

Verdant Alfalfa PFS Exclusive – The Variety that Started it all

Meghan Alfalfa PFS Exclusive - Very high quality multileaf alfalfa

Maska Alfalfa PFS Exclusive

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